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There are several categories of road users. Are you one of them?


  • The Pedestrian (including Child)
  • The Bicyclist
  • The Motor Cyclist
  • The Motor Tricylist
  • The Driver
  • Animals


THE PEDESTRAIN: A Pedestrain is a person travelling on foot, whether walking or running. Pedestrian includes: Children, the elderly and the physically challenged.


PEDESTRAIN PROTECTION: Use pavement or suitable footpaths where provided. Walk on the left side of the road facing on-coming traffic, where facing on-coming traffic, where footpaths are not provided. While walking in the dark, wear or carry white, bright-coloured or reflective clothing so that you can be easily seen. While walking in a group, keep extreme right of the road. At night, the persons in front and rear should wear reflective clothing and in case of a large group. E.g procession, people on the outside should also carry light and wear reflective clothing. Children should not be out on the road alone. When taking children out keep between them and the traffic, holding their hands firmly. When pushing a child in a trolley, do not move the trolley onto the road when checking to see if it is safe to cross. When jogging, use the walkway and jog opposite traffic.


PEDESTRIAN ROAD CROSSING DRILL: Before you cross a road,stop, look left, right and look left again. When the road is clear, walk directly and briskly across but keep looking out. In the case of a group of children, hold hands. Do not run because you may trip over and fall.


WHERE TO CROSS THE ROAD: Look for a safe place to cross. Use pedestrian crossing, traffic light, subways or foot-bridge where provided. Where they are not provided, step onto the road slowly, making sure you can see both ways clearly and be seen. Do not cross the road between or in front of parked vehicles because other drivers may not see you.


AT ONE WAY STREET: Before crossing a one-way street with traffic going only in one direction. Make sure you know which way the traffic is moving. Do your traffic drill, step on the street and quickly cross directly.


AT THE ISLAND: Where there is an island on the road, cross first to the Island. Wait there until the second half of the road clears. Then finish crossing.


AT NIGHT: Cross the road near lighted area so that you can be seen, especially if there is no convenient pedestrian crossing.


AT GUARD RAILS: Do not cross the road where there are guard rails or there preventive barriers.


AT PEDESTRIAN CROSSING: The Pedestrian crossing is a designated point on a road where some means are provided to assist Pedestrainto cross safely. Pedestrian crossing include Zebra, Pelican Light, Foot-Bridge etc.


ZEBRA CROSSING: It is a designated road crossing point for pedestrians. It is usually marked with dark and white stripes across the road surface.You have no right of way at a pedestrian or Zebra crossing until you have stepped on it. Even then ensure no vehicle is coming. When you do, traffic should give way to you. Do your traffic drill before you start to cross.



When the Red Man shows, do not cross. When the Green Man begins to flash, don’t start to cross. When the Green Man is steady check to be sure that traffic has stopped, then cross quickly. If you have already started crossing when the Green Man begins to flash, you have time to finish crossing safely and finish up. Watch the traffic as well as the lights. Do not cross when the lights are Green or Amber.


AT JUNCTION WITHOUT LIGHT: When crossing at a junction, pay attention to traffic turning into the road especially from behind you.


AT JUNCTION WITH LIGHT: Conform to the rules as in crossing the road at traffic signals.


FOOT-BRIDGE: A foot bridge or Pedestrian bridge is a bridge designed for Pedestrain to cross the road from one point to the safely without interfering with vehicular traffic. Always ensure you use the bridge where provided. While on the bridge, you should not throwdown objects onto the road. While on a Pedestrain Bridge, do not wait or stop.


MANNED TRAFFIC CONTROL POINT: This is a point where a Traffic Officer controls traffic. Do not cross the road when the Officer is allowing vehicular traffic to move or has signaled you stop. Cross ONLY when the Officer signals you to do so.


AT A BUS STOP: Enter or get off a bus at an authorized Bus Stop. do not cross the road in front of the vehicle.


ON APPROACH OF EMERGENCY VEHICLE: An Emergency vehicle is a vehicle designated and authorized to respond to emergencies. These include, Ambulances, Fire trucks, Patrol Vehicles e.t.c.




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