We celebrate All the Fathers in our Homes first, our Country next and the World. Fatherhood is a huge responsibility and we thank you for rising up to the task. Well done!

On this solemn day, as an organisation focused on Nation building we believe it’s time for some reflection by fathers in our homes, the nation and the world. Understanding the role of Fatherhood is key to a rebirth in our homes, the nation and the world. Families will be great, Nations will prosper and the world will know peace if we have visionary, selfless, values and character driven Fathers.

Fathers come in many forms. Some are here, some are gone. Some are biological, some adopted, and others are simply chosen. But the common thread that weaves throughout each and every one, is an undying devotion to serve something greater than himself – Service | Leadership.

Being a father is Service & Leadership – first in your home to your wife and children and then to your extended family; secondly to your Country by the Legacy you Live – #LivingALegacy. The Life you Live must reflect the Legacy you should Leave. A man must therefore make the choice to step up every single day, to work tirelessly to give his love, care, and unwavering service and leadership with duty, courage, character, selflessness and integrity.

Indeed, there is a massive difference between a man who can talk a good game as a father, and a man who truly LIVES that game.

Fathers, on this day, let’s decide to LIVE & LEAD RIGHT… and the ills in our homes, country and world will gradually become things of the past… the rapes, infidelity, divorces, crime, criminality, terrorism, corruption, and so on and so forth… because the life of any family begins from the Father and the life of any nation begins from the family.

Fathers, today we honour you for doing well and we also say, let’s do more. There’s more territory to be taken for the sake of our Legacies… our Children.

#LeadRightFathers… Be the Role Models for our Homes, Churches, Nations and World.

Happy Father’s Day!

Thank You.

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