And as the idea took shape, I codified it into an entire chapter of my book … I was shocked at how many people (especially women) loved the term and my description of this …
Then I realised… all I had learnt and know; all I had in my kitty as life’s experiences on my journey of Greatness was taught me by my lovely Mother.
                                     – DEO
This is for ALL Mothers and Women; the World over.
‎In honor of the strong, brave women around the world who have made us the people we are today, You inspire, teach, and encourage us, filling our lives with endless amounts of joy … and you continue to mold us to greatness.
 From Fundacion Exito to you, thank you for spreading that same joy to mothers all over the world and by practically and deliberately building the next generation… Children.
Thank you for the Gift of Life and Training through Life.
Happy Mother’s Day.

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