Happy New Year to You and your family.

Happy New Year Nigeria.

May you & All Nigerian Citizens in Nigeria & in Diaspora move forward and upward in every way in 2016.
It’s a Year of Birthing GREATNESS for our Great Country Nigeria. Let’s work this … Together in the whole 366 days starting NOW … Let’s make History!
… ‪#‎BirthingGREATNESS‬ … LivingALegacy …

​A fundamental question is … ​What are going to BE​ ​and do ​in 2016 to birth a better You for a GREATER Nigeria?


​In 2016 Make up your mind that beyond speaking about it, you will deliberately “LIVE” ​the Legacy you want to “LEAVE” knowing that what you do in this life echoes through eternity. After All is said and DONE … Let it be known that there was indeed more DONE than said.

Let no one forget WHO AND HOW GREAT WE ARE. We are Brave, Bold, Courageous and Menacing Nigerians … What lies within us as a people and nation is greater than any challenge we may ever face and what lies ahead in 2016 is Immortality … TAKE IT!!! It’s YOURS!

Happy New Year from ALL of Us.