Living eXcellence Retreats (LeX®) …Leave no family behind

 (A family re-orientation and values enhancing programme)

“A man cannot leave a better legacy to the world than a well- educated family”

– Thomas Scott


Living eXcellence Retreats (LeX®) offers Retreats and developmental programmes focused on enhancing values re-orientation to Couples and Families, with a view to helping them deal strategically with issues facing modern families. It is also geared toward helping them improve their understanding of their children, enhance their skills in raising healthy families and thus build stronger family bonds which ultimately result in a stronger National bond and Unity.

The dysfunction in the family unit has affected the Nigerian nation adversely, especially the children and young adults. There is thus the urgent need to reintegrate the family unit in Nigeria.

The Family is the building block of society and its re-engineering can ultimately engender societal rejuvenation and reinvention. The role of the family in the society is same as its basic structural component – the people. Every society is built by people with different functions in order to make it survive, from public workers to educators and religious clergy; and these people all evolve from families – from birth to adulthood and research has shown that who and what a child becomes, is mainly determined from the family.

The Family thus plays the most important role in the development, education, achievement and overall behaviour of children and young people; hence families are crucial partners in promoting positive social skills. Thus the role of the family becomes very crucial as the future of the child and young person, and ultimately the nation depends on that role.

To create the future we desire therefore, the family must be sufficiently equipped and re-engineered to birth that foundation.

Our Goal:
Our Goal is to help facilitate better knowledge and understanding for families and thus help the growth and development of the Nigerian nation by building a legacy of stronger families.