‘There is No Human Being Alive that was not carried by a Woman… the Nation, Nigeria and Nigerians would not have being if there were no Women … If we are going to see real development in the World, it’s time to invest in Women because they are at the Heart and Centre of every Positive Revolution’.
– Fundacion Exito (2016)

#LoveEveryWoman… Today and Always.

As we celebrate the International Women & Mothers’ Day, Fundacion Exito Ltd./Gte. commences a campaign to Celebrate Every woman, Lady, and every Girl Child and in addition, to celebrate their achievements.

It is in this light that we call on everyone to celebrate the women in their lives… now and always… Sister, Mother, Girlfriend, Wife, Fiancee, Colleague, etc.

Let us remember most especially the Girl Child and her future and Determine in our individual, family, religious, collective and National RESOLVE to protect the #GirlChild and give her a deserving Future.

Let’s practically, beyond words and hypocrisy, speak up against and take definitive and deliberate actions to kill Violence Against Women … in every sphere; with the understanding that  Perpetuating Violence Against Women in any guise … Emotional, Sexual, Physical, Verbal … is calculated murder of our collective destiny as a Nation …

This is the beginning of True Healing for our Country Nigeria.

The GREATNESS of the #GirlChild is the Legacy of Womanhood WE CREATE fortomorrow … #LivingALegacy one woman at a time.

Beyond the Fanfare… Let’s spare a true thought for the Woman and Protect, Preserve and Honour her Person, Dignity and Integrity.


#LoveEveryWoman … Today and Always.

We Love our Mothers, Wives, Sisters… every Woman, everywhere, today and always!

The #LoveEveryWoman Campaign by Fundacion Exito Ltd./Gte.

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