Our Reason
The “Right People” are the greatest assets of any nation. The strength of any economy – state – depends on the quality, competence, fitness and morale of the available human resource that drive it.

We ask 3 key questions:

  1. With the present state of our nation, its citizens and our families, the moral decadence, crime, criminality, indiscipline, impunity, corruption, under-development and a dearth of intellectual capacity across every sphere, in the next 54 years who are those people who will be the leaders in government and the different sectors of our economy? Would they be prepared to lead and would they have the right vision, drive, competencies, skills, attitudes and character to lead – morally, emotionally and intellectually?
  2. In the next 54 years, whether we do something to cause the required change in the present state of affairs or not, Nigeria will get older as a Nation; What kind of “Nigeria” would we have as a country in the next 54 years – what kind of citizens, families and institutions would we have?
  3. How can the crop of young people, families, institutions and leaders we have today be architects of the future when they themselves are broken down walls?

We have a single answer to these 3 questions:

Some say you cannot tell what the future holds, but we say “WE CAN!!!”

To determine the future, we decide, plan, design and create it today. Therefore, we will build and equip the Architects® of tomorrow – the men who would think, design and build the tomorrow of our dreams – one man, one family, one institution, one leader at a time and ultimately one nation; in order to bequeath to the generations after, a better and brighter Nigeria than we met and presently have. To do this, WE must create it NOW.

The greatest asset of our nation is its 178 plus million citizens. If we have the right citizens (individuals), we will have the right families; and resultantly, the right children, the right nation, the right leaders and the right actions … the circle is endless. Now, imagine the ramifications!

Therefore, there is no better time than now to become fully engaged in the transformational investments that will create economic prosperity and social wealth of our nation by enhancing the thought processes, value orientation, quality of lives and influence for all Nigerians – by first developing the man that builds the Nation.