Our Strategy

Leveraging strategic partnerships with local and international private sector organisations and well meaning individuals we would work to engineer, brand, finance and execute our various National Rebirth programmes to attain expected outcomes.

The private sector drives the economic prosperity of any nation; and thus our strategy is hinged on the concept of Creating Shared Value (“CSV”); which refers to the idea that ‘individuals, organisations, and companies must take the lead to cause change by bringing business and society back together’.

Our Programme Profile is a 30 years national rebirth project template (The National Rebirth Project Document), codenamed:

“The BluePrint 2045®”  … Behold Grace, Greatness & Glory


The National Rebirth Project Document – “The BluePrint 2045®”

It is our hope that in the year 2045, Nigeria will stand tall as a Nation among other first world Countries with the Grace of Excellence, the Greatness of Pre-eminence and the Glory of National Re-birth. The different projects will be rolled out in phases according to specifically detailed and tailored plans with mandates focused on the following areas:

  1. Values Re-orientation
  2. Changing Ideologies
  3. Encouraging Professionalism and Integrity in several sectors and career development
  4. Entrenching Core Competencies, Skills and Attitudes
  5. Promoting True Leadership
  6. Propagating True Service
  7. Encouraging and Enforcing Consequence Management and Reward for Excellence.