#StopAtRed 2015 Road Safety campaign

By September 15, 2015Food for thought


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Ever being at a red light and saw cars speed past you and you wondered what you were doing wrong?

The #StopAtRed Campaign is aimed at educating road users in Nigeria about major traffic rules, especially the red light.


Do you know about Road traffic safety? Do you know the road Safety signs? Do you know your traffic lights?

Do you know the meaning of the different colours of the traffic light? Green? Amber? Red?

Do you know what it means when the light turns Red?


Road safety and traffic management in Nigeria as elsewhere across the globe, remain dynamic fields of human endeavour; and with an ever growing vehicular population and accompanying increase in road traffic injuries and deaths, in addition to the ever escalating abuse of road traffic signs and the traffic lights by supposed “well meaning Nigerians; there is always a compelling need to re-educate ourselves on the road traffic and road safety rules from time to time; especially as to why we must obey these signs and follow the rules.


This campaign is aimed at educating and informing the general public on Road traffic rules and signs. Regardless of who you are, taxi driver, male, female, government official, public citizen, etc; as long as you are a Nigeria of certified driving capacity and age; and a road user; it also aims to build a modified driving persona, who would act out of an inner principle to obey rather than out of fear of sanctions; and is highly recommended to all road users. So please, do not just read, rebroadcast and re-tweet, etc. Act on it.


Think | Act | Impact.


When you see a traffic sign, acknowledge and obey and when you see the red light … understand that it means … STOP.


For the next couple of weeks … we will talk about ROADS, categories of ROAD USERS, and ROAD SIGNS, SIGNALS, AND MARKINGS … especially the traffic lights … LANE DISCIPLINE … HOW TO DRIVE SAFELY … Types of Roads, Interchanges and Road Junctions, the Pedestrian, the Bicyclist, The MotorCyclist, The Child, The Motortricyclist, The Driver, Animal … etc.


Join the Movement. The Change WE need starts with All of US. #StopAtRed




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