The Architect ®… Invest Education

 (A Primary & Secondary Schools focused Educational Project)

“There is a need to rekindle our passion for knowledge, excellence and the ethos of our very existence. To re-brand Nigeria; we need to re-brand our youths. How can anybody be a future architect when they are broken down walls?”

Oby Ezekwesili, (October 9, 2006)


The Architect® educational Programme using Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) aims at developing lasting intellectual capacity and moral rectitude in primary and secondary school students.

Under this programme, we will engage the students in different categories of reading , writing and digital as well as other academic and mentally engaging/stimulating multi-media competitions with attached rewards to encourage, engender and revive the reading culture in these students; with a view to harnessing ICT as a productive tool rather than a distraction. We will also engage a monitoring and evaluation programme that will work with these students from primary through secondary and tertiary education to ensure that the ingrained capacity derived from their various schools and The Architect® programme is sustained and improved in across the different stages of their development.

This programme will also entail working with the relevant academic institutions, the parents of the students and their academic handlers to ensure that development spans across their academic and internal family profiles to help the students become cutting edge citizens exceeding the global competitive edge.


Although 6 out of every 10 Nigerians have received some form of formal education, 64 million adults (out of 178+ million Nigerians) are illiterate; and over 44% of Nigerian students cannot read a complete sentence on the completion of their primary school education.

In 2009, WAEC examinations recorded an over 98% failure with a 25% malpractice rate; NECO examinations recorded a 79% failure (870,305 candidates from a total of 1,113,177 failed); and JAMB examinations recorded a 77.9% failure (6 out of every 8 people who wrote JAMB, failed).

In 2013, 1.7m Candidates wrote JAMB examinations; 12,110 results were withheld, 40,692 results were invalidated and over 300,000 failed. ONLY 10% SCORED ABOVE 300 out of 400 points; while WAEC examinations recorded a 70% failure.

In 2014, WAEC examinations recorded an 80% failure, while WASSCE recorded a 70% failure rate.

The import of the above statistics is that of all 16-18 year olds in Nigeria, only about 2% are functionally literate; and with the Nigerian adult illiteracy rate of 64% (an increase from 39% in 2006), the low level of tertiary enrolment and unemployability ratio of university graduates, this portends a great threat to our national and economic development.

Our Goal:

Our Goal is to “systematically, consciously and deliberately” build the youths of today into leaders of tomorrow by ensuring their excellent intellectual development for contribution to nation building ultimately by rekindling their passion for knowledge, excellence and the ethos of our very existence by maximising their formative years in the primary and secondary schools before they proceed to the tertiary institutions.

Education is the most powerful weapon with which you can change the world. Quality education is the key to driving the Nigerian economy and ensuring that it becomes an attractive investment destination; thus education and enlightenment are keys to personal success and national development. In addition, students’ life is the most impressionable period of life and during this period, the foundations of excellence in life are laid, so students ought to develop the educational qualities of head and heart which would stand them in good stead for excellence and a bright future.