The Green Campaign


 (A National Campaign to promote Citizenship, Unity and National Rebirth)


We are whoever we are, from wherever we are from and are wherever we find ourselves, fundamentally because we are first, Nigerians. Nigeria pre-dates everyone of us and yet Nigeria is us, as we are Nigerians . What Nigeria becomes is ultimately what we become as Individuals and as families. Therefore, we must consciously, pragmatically and deliberately create the Nigeria of our Dreams and the future of our Children by who and what we become Individually and Collectively.

Dominic E. Obozuwa


The Green Campaign® is a National Re-Birth campaign to promote our programmes but especially aimed to re-sensitize Nigerians individually and collectively, locally and internationally as one Nation under God towards maximising, protecting and celebrating our National Identity irrespective of our profession, location, state, tribe, locality, or religious affiliation.  We would work at encouraging national, collective and individual action and civic duty and responsibility through “thought impact” via strategic local and international campaigns spanning the 36 states of the Federation, the FCT, the United Kingdom, United States of America and other Countries where Nigerians may be found.


Our message is a message of Hope, Faith and Courage that like Green leaves and growing fresh grass, with our natural inclination to growth and development as citizens, WE CAN take the energy and challenges of our environment as the plants take the energy of the sunlight and WE CAN convert these challenges into Wealth, Development, Productivity, Change, Hope, Rebirth and Renewal for our Nation; and the common wealth of our Nation will be maximised for our collective benefits as we individually grow to Greatness.