What We Do

We enlighten, re-orientate, prepare and support young people and families in the appreciation of and adherence to social norms, ideals, values, civic responsibility, service, character, work, ethics and leadership; as well as empower them psychologically, mentally, structurally and financially to imbibe these ideals and transfer them to their circle of influence in the fulfillment of their goals and aspirations.

Our focus is a trident: the individual, the family and the nation – Operation Trident®.

How we do it

We utilise Research & Development (R & D), Communication (including education), Advocacy, Policy dialogues, Events and Partnerships with the different social structures of the Nigerian economy in driving the development of the Nigerian economy through social, economic and institutional reforms.

These social structures include:

  • Young people and Families;
  • Academic institutions (primary, secondary & tertiary);
  • The Media; and
  • Religious Organisations.