ZOE│ZERA® … Live & Lead

 (An affordable Housing Project)

“LIVE” is an acronym for Leadership-Integrity-Vision-Economic Enterprise & Development” and “LEAD” is an acronym for “Live Everyday to Actualise your Dreams”.


Failure to settle the problems of land distribution and housing in the world’s cities threatens not only . . . the developing world — it also threatens world stability.

– Charles Abrams


Under this FundELG Africa® long term programme, we would work with Primary Mortgage Institutions (PMIs) and the National Housing Fund (NHF) as well as in partnership with the Federal Government and private sector institutions and Agencies to leverage public and legislative advocacy, policy formulation and implementation to support and ensure affordable housing for poor families as a strategic economic tool and catalyst for social change and development.


The economic realities in any nation determine to a degree the rate of crime, criminality and value degradation of its citizens.

The role of affordable housing in creating jobs and stimulating economic growth, social and civic development cannot be over emphasised. Though a component goal of affordable housing is to lower housing costs for low- and moderate income families; research by the Center for Housing Policy (CHP) shows that affordable housing development also drives economic, social infrastructure and civic development.

The research review shows that when housing and associated costs are improved, families have more income to support their personal and economic development; and as a result, crime, criminality and social vices are reduced; because based on their success on housing issues, indigenous and poor families, groups and individuals find certain comfort and the peace of mind to apply their skills in positive civic engagement and national development.

Our Goal:

Our Goal is to settle housing problems for indigent families so as to help them engage their minds more productively in national development and the achievement of the goals of our National ethos.